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  Looking for a great way to have a hearth-oven? You’ve found it! The original HearthKit from 2012 the "HearthIt" Manufacturing Co. This is an oven insert that turns your oven into a hearth oven. The HearthIt/HearthKit can help you make artisan breads, roast turkey, brick-oven pizzas, tasty casseroles etc..







  HearthKit lets you bake bread at home, create home-made pizzas and cook roasts to rival the finest old world bakeries and bistros. Only the HearthKit can cook like a traditional brick oven by surrounding foods with the three kinds of heat necessary for perfect preparation. Its all-natural ceramics absorb, concentrate, and release heat the same way a brick oven does, allowing you to bake bread, roast chicken, and brew stews from the inside out, not just the outside in. Store the HearthKit where you use it: in your oven!







The key to a hearth oven’s great cooking technique is its unique ability to absorb heat and redistribute it evenly. Pressed at over 175 tons from cordierite (a sturdy, specialized blend of earthen materials), HearthKit is fired at over 2,300°F and has excellent conductive properties. HearthKit features two slightly curved sidepieces and a thick, tapered base designed to form a chamber much like that of a wood burning beehive or brick pizza oven. This balances the heat in the oven and releases it relentlessly back into the food, making it possible to safely bake or roast at higher temperatures without burning, or to slow cook more gently and evenly at lower temperatures.

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